Flutter, keep track of your receipts on Firebase! (2nd part)


  • Image Picker: This allows the user to select an image file from their device or take a new picture using their camera
  • Firebase Storage: Allows the app to access the Cloud Storage for this Firebase project
  • Cloud Firestore: This allows the app to use the Cloud Firestore API
  • Firebase Core: Mandatory plugin for using Firebase products

The class

onPressed: () => Navigator.pushNamed(context,router.UPLOAD_IMAGE_FIR_STORAGE
await FirebaseFirestore.instance.collection("images").doc("doc_$timestamp").set({"url": downloadUrl,"gsc": gcsReference,"name": "$fileName _$timestamp.pdf","timestamp": "$timestamp","status": "pending"}).then((value) => print("Document added"))




Ramblings of an agile enthusiast

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Alexandre Claus

Alexandre Claus

Ramblings of an agile enthusiast

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